I Tried the Latest Trend in Oral Sex Vibrators and I’m Still Orgasming

While there are approximately ten gazillion mouthlike sex toys on the market for men to stick their penises into, very few offer a similar sensation for the ladies. It’s such typical bullshit. Of course men get all the motorized blow jobs their ding dongs could want, while women get some

For Better Sex, 8 Tips No Couple Should Go Without

Push the reset button on your sex life If you’re coupled and stuck in a sexual rut, you’re not alone. While dry spells are a normal part of any relationship, it’s still no consolation for couples experiencing one. “Familiarity is the death of the sex drive,” Allison Moon author of

The First Time I Got Eaten Out

Home for the holidays for the first time in two years, I found myself in my childhood bedroom looking through old photos. Among all the glossies of me as a totally hot teen with overly plucked eyebrows and white flared, low-rise jeans, several albums spanning two years of my pubescence

How to satisfy someone with a latex fetish?

Many people have a latex fetish, and if you or your partner are among them, you are probably looking for a couple of ideas to make it all even spicier. Here, we will cover all you need to know about latex fetish, how to enjoy it, and some kinky ideas

How to make your man cum faster when giving blowjobs

Put Effort in Foreplay and Arousal Do you ever feel like you’ve been giving a blowjob forever, but your man just isn’t finishing? Not only will this make your jaw hurt, but you’ll start feeling frustrated. What exactly do you have to do to make him cum faster? We have

Going Down and Giving the Best Head

Foreplay is a very important part of sex. It’s the time when partners show passion and create excitement using various techniques to spice up the main dish. Blowjobs are amongst the most popular techniques of foreplay. But, there are many other mouth play techniques used to drive your partner nuts.

All you need to know about DDLG

Let’s take a closer look at DDLG relationships. For some people, this is a kink, while for others, it represents an escape from everyday problems. Here, we will go through everything you need to know about DDLG. What is DDLG? Starting from the beginning, we should explain what DDLG is.

5 Best Types of Butt Plugs for BDSM

There are plenty of toys and devices used in BDSM. Leash, penis plugs, whips, anal toys and cock cages provide pleasure to both the dom and sum. These toys can be used altogether. How hot would it be to have a butt plug while being spanked? In this article, we’ll

Guide to Better Use of Anal Tools

Best anal beads- one of the most popular sex toys, which is used by both women and men. You read it right, anal beads are also used by men. Just like chastity devices are also used by women. If you’re wondering what these chastity devices do, you can learn more

How Regular Sex Reduces the Risk of Prostate Malignancy

Unfortunately, from the perspective of involvement with patients who experience the ill effects of the specified maladies, a littler endless loop is affirmed. Both irritation of the prostate and expansion of the prostate organ are related with discomfort and/or torment. This moderates the sexual want/drive. These potential outcomes have substantiated

How Do You Know Which Butt Plug is Best for You?

Those erotic toys that are found in adult stores today the online stores really were able to satisfy and delight all those who wish to bring a zest to their sexual relationship with their loved one, passion, sex. We would like to add that in such stores you can find

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