3 Things to Know Before Buying Anal Beads

An anal chain is a sex toy that promises a terrific emotional development. The toy consists of a series of balls, which are connected to each other in detail. It is structurally similar to the so-called Rin-no-tame, which is used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

However, a typical anal chain is much longer than a rin-no-tama. It depends on the model which exact size the individual balls possess. An anal chain is specifically designed so that one introduces the balls one after the other anal. The concept of an anal chain has been known for several centuries. This utensil promises intense love fun and soulful developments, like no other toy on the market.

In the following guide, you will receive all relevant information on why use anal beads that you should consider when buying and using an anal chain.

Anal lend themselves to the use of both sexes, both men as well as women can enjoy this toy and collect intense feelings of pleasure and experience.

For most people, the use of analgesics means extremely intense stimulation of the erogenous zones in the anus. The successive introduction of the balls of the anal chain in your anus and in the anus of your love partner triggers violent excitement and emotional intensity. Both the insertion, as well as the pulling out of the beads of the chain is emotionally intense.

In the sexual games that can be played with an anal chain, but time and leisure is recommended. In addition, some of the different models available on the market should also follow some practices and be lenient and cautious when playing games.

So too radical a procedure in the anal introduction and pulling out of the chain is absolutely to avoid, since this can cause pain and problems in the anal area. This should be urgently and unconditionally observed and avoided. Remember that some prudence in these games can lead to maximum pleasure and joy, and that’s exactly what we want to achieve with it.

Therefore, carefully stretch the sphincter muscles! Forbearance is especially popular with analgesics that offer larger balls. Also consider that when using an anal chain, the use of lubricating gel or oil is also recommended. Thus, the balls of the anal chain are made a little more slippery, so that the introduction into the anus and also the withdrawal from the anus is easier.

Again, unnecessary pain can be prevented, which only stand in the way of the pleasure of the anal chain during sexual acts. Also note that after using an anal chain, it is important to clean the toy to prevent germs and bacteria from accumulating, as there are a number of bacteria and germs in the intestine. Hygiene is an important point in the sexual game, which must be observed.

What should be considered when buying analgesic chains?

Basically, analgesics can be made of different materials, so that one should already differentiate here in the material used. Experience has shown that analgesics, which are made of silicone, for example, feel particularly pleasant. At the same time, the material not only feels very comfortable during sexual intercourse, because it is also easy to clean in parallel and, above all, ideal for disinfecting.

Due to this fact, when buying an anal chain, pay attention to what material it is made of and what the hygienic cleaning options are. For example, cleaning fabric upholstery or the like is difficult. If an anal chain z. B. be equipped with a fabric tape, so here is caution and you should consider whether you really want to consider this model for a purchase into consideration, because there is a hygienic risk. It would be difficult here to wash the so-called stool remnants from the material.

Keep in mind that you can buy anal chains in different lengths in the trade, which means a variety of fun and games. Experts advise the purchase of such a toy on the following quality features:

The material used should be pleasant.

Pay attention to a good workmanship and to the fact that above all the edges are well processed, because if there are sharp edges, so here possibly injuries in the anal area would be the result. Pay attention to a light and, above all, thorough cleaning of the anal chain. Otherwise, by using it in the anal area easily germs could contaminate the sex toy and cause health problems.

Make sure that the size of the beads used in the anal beads is comfortable and does not overwhelm the anal area. Also make sure that the tail of the anal chain cannot slip easily into the intestine. It should be designed in principle so that there is security and tangibility.

What exact uses are there on the market?

You can use both analgesics as well as alone. Incidentally, individual preferences play a part in this decision, because one user likes to have only one bullet inserted in the anus, while other users love it when several bullets are inserted into the anus. There are simply individual preferences and preferences that you have to adhere to during sexual play. Also in the game with an anal chain different forms of play and acceptance limits of the individual must be strictly observed. Only then can play, suspense and sexual pleasure actually be lived out.

Incidentally, it is sometimes very different when the exact sexual tension and desire occurs. The one users love it when the ball is introduced accordingly and come to this stage to unimagined tensions. The other users love the feeling when the ball or balls are slowly pulled out of the anus.

The individual sensations here are completely different and must be considered in the sexual game, so that all parties come to their fun. Note also that an anal chain is also perfectly suited to prepare the sexual partner simply for the actual anal intercourse. You can prepare the sphincter here on the anal sex and stretch well. Note that anal intercourse is usually only feasible if the sexual partners are also relaxed accordingly. In particular, the passive parts of anal intercourse must be able to drop mostly and be relaxed, so that anal intercourse is really a pleasant act, so that sexual pleasure can arise.


Basically you have to decide as a user for yourself which toy in which equipment is the most interesting for you. There is a wide range of analgesics on the market with their respective impairments or added values. Ultimately, it is a personal preference that results from this and leads to which anal chain is actually interesting for use. For beginners we definitely recommend to start with smaller as well as soft balls. Silicone based chains are preferable to use here in our opinion.

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