All you need to know about DDLG

Let’s take a closer look at DDLG relationships. For some people, this is a kink, while for others, it represents an escape from everyday problems. Here, we will go through everything you need to know about DDLG.

What is DDLG?

Starting from the beginning, we should explain what DDLG is. It is an acronym for Daddy Dom/Little Girl. It is a form of kinky role-play with age play. While the title might suggest different things, the first rule we need to address is that DDLG is about two adults with full consent on both sides. 

DDLG is close to BDSM since the dominant partner will be in charge of the sub. But more on that later. Another important thing we need to mention is that DDLG has nothing to do with incest. In fact, DDLG is more in line with power-play, age-play, and Dom/sub dynamics. So, make no mistake thinking that people who are part of this community are incestuous. 

In essence, the DDLG dynamic is simple. The dom person will take the role of the daddy or caregiver, while the submissive one will act like a teenager or a child. Once again, the crucial part is that both people are adults, and they consent to this type of role-playing. 

What is interesting here is that DDLG doesn’t even need to be sexual. The primary goal is the act, but it can often lead to sex. 

Different takes on DDLG

Everyone is different, which means that there are so many different takes on DDLG. Here, we will take a closer look at some of the options you might encounter or try out if this seems exciting to you.

  • MDLG — It stands for Mommy Dom Little Girl. It is a relationship between two women, where the dominant one will play the role of mommy, while the submissive person is a little girl.
  • MDLB — Mommy Dom Little Boy. The relationship between a male and a female, where the submissive role is for the man.
  • DDLB — Daddy Dom Little Boy. The relationship between two males, where the dominant one will act as a daddy. 
  • TDLB — Trans Daddy Little Boy. The dominant person is trans, and the submissive one is a male. The relationship works identical to other examples on the list. 
  • TDLG — Trans Daddy Little Girl. The role of the daddy is reserved for a trans person, while a female will take the role of the little girl. 
  • TMLG — Trans Mommy Little Girl. The situation is similar to the previous example, except the trans person is in the role of mommy. Naturally, they are dominant in this type of relationship.
  • TMLB — Trans Mommy Little Boy. Here, a trans person will role-play as the mommy, while a submissive male will act like a boy. 
  • CGL — This is a generic term used to describe all types of the relationship involving a caregiver and their submissive partner. It stands for Caregiver and Little relationships. 

What does a DD/LG relationship look like in practice?

There are a couple of ways DDLG relationships can manifest and numerous activities the couple can take during their role-playing session. Naturally, the couple will decide specific DDLG rules and the things they are willing to try. 

While at home, the little girl will often use a coloring book or play with toys. They might have a tea party or play with stuffed animals. The person acting like a little girl in the relationship will often change moods or be bratty, which might result in a punishment. Daddy will need to teach them how to behave, and if they go over the line, there are numerous ways they can be punished. 

Common options are standing in the corner, writing the same line on the board or in a book, and even holding soap in their mouth if they were swearing. If the couple plans on going outside, the little girl might be forced to wear diapers, pacifiers, and it is common for them to wear colorful clothes and dress like children

What is little place?

Terms little place and little space are used to describe a specific state of mind a person enters before they start behaving like a child. It is a temporary escape from their everyday activities. It is time they spend on the role-play. Once the couple starts with their scene, you can say that the person is in the little space. 

We should mention that being in a little space doesn’t always require the presence of the daddy. While couples might enjoy DDLG play together, it is not necessary for the scene. There are people who love this specific type of age-play, and they often practice it even if they are alone. 

Little space is an excellent way to calm down and escape from stress and problems. A person can just grab their coloring book and take time for themselves. 

What’s so kinky about this then?

For some people, DDLG relationships will have nothing kinky or sexual in them. As we mentioned, a person can use it as a distraction or a way to feel better. Even if we talk about couples, this sub-category of BDSM relationships doesn’t need to be sexual. There are many kinks and fetishes out there, and for each person, they manifest in a different way. 

At the same time, there are those who enjoy the kinky side of it. They find it exciting, and they might even replace binkies and diapers with sex toys like the ones from For them, this is a sexy type of role-playing that still has connections to BDSM.  

There are also many people who see the taboo side of it, and for them, the whole age-play is more than kinky. All things considered, there is nothing wrong with DDLG relationships. As we mentioned before, it is a relationship between two consenting adults. And if wearing diapers and pacifiers is what makes them happy, then we wish them all the happiness in the world.

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