Anal Plugs vs Vibrators: Which One is for You?

The anal plug is the best way to initiate and practice anal sex in a pleasant way. It has the shape of a plug, and the most important thing is that every anal sex toy ends with a broad base, be it a plug or a vibrator. This is very important for your safety; the rectus has a bad habit of pulling through everything you catch inside so if you use an object that is not meant to be used for anal sex, the risk of being shot inside is high, and then recovery is done only in the hospital.

If you want to practice anal masturbation, pay attention to what you buy, sex toys are different for anal use and for vaginal use. Once you have learned these things, now is the time to put them into practice to choose between Anal vibrator vs butt plug.

What to Buy and How to Use?

Fundamental is the size of sexual toy, aesthetics is more or less the same for all. The anal toys can be smooth or protruding, it is important to choose the size well. Sexologists recommend starting with a kit for beginners. It contains many pieces of different size that you can experience as you become more experienced.

Here are the steps we recommend:

  • Stage 1 Length: 9 cm Diameter: 1.7 cm
  • Stage 2 Length: 9 cm Diameter: 2.1 cm
  • Stage 3 Length: 11.5 cm Diameter: 3.4 cm
  • Stage 4 Length: 18 cm diameter: 3.5 cm

Once you become an expert, you just have to choose from the wide range of anal toys of sex shop.

How can your vibrator couple life improve?

It is normal that at some point in your couple life interfere with monotony. It happens to everyone, there is no relationship that, after a few years, does not enter into a less satisfactory sexual time. But if you are willing to take action before the boredom builds up well in your bedroom, the situation can be saved. And a simple vibrator can come to your aid.

How can your vibrator couple life improve

Who said the vibrator is a sex toy that only people without a partner use? The idea of masturbating with a vibrator can be a very exciting thing for your lover. And for you it will surely be more than pleasurable! Imagine that you can turn prelude into an experience you have never experienced – it will surely send it to erotic movies, and that will excite it very loudly, give you some orgasms just before you start sex.

What vibrator to choose?

Another advantage of this toy is that it can be found in all shapes, sizes and colors. The market is very generous; you can opt for black, pink, blue, silver or even skin color, with natural penis shape, depending on your own preferences. In addition, the vibrator sizes and thicknesses are varied enough to easily find something suitable.

You should also know that there are vibrators specially designed for strong G-point stimulation, or silicone-designed finger vibrators designed to stimulate clitoral stimulation. There are even mini-vibrators to stimulate the clitoris.

For example, choose a small, powerful microphone vibrator that can be caught even in the key ring, and not just have a routine sex break, but you will also be amused.

Vibrators and anal sex

If you are an amateur of anal sex, things can be spiced even more. You can choose to try a two or three-headed vibrator or one that mimics double penetration, and surely your lover will be crazy to see you playing with your new “friend”. You can even let him masturbate with your toy, and you can enjoy all the pleasure. Or you can use your vibrator while being watched.

Regarding lubrication, remember that it is very important, especially in the case of anal penetration, to be careful not to cause irritation or injury, which can then be very painful. Use a lubricant specially designed for anal sex, possibly an anal spray against pain. If possible, call on the advice of specialized store representatives, if you do not know exactly what to choose, and make sure everything is nice.

Cleaning and storage of the sexual toy

Also, do not forget that after you have finished playing “play” to clean and disinfect the vibrator carefully. In sex shops you can also find special solutions for sex toys. Try one of the largest specialized stores in the country. You will surely find all the products you need, and you can order them online even if you do not want to go to the sex shop.

Turning to the vibrator, do not forget that after cleaning make sure you store it in a carefully chosen place, possibly packed in a specially designed vibrator bag, separate from the things you use daily to avoid more bacterial contamination. Repeat the cleaning of the toy and the next use. Surely it will be soon.

For several years now, women have been advised more and more to be responsible for their own pleasure and not to be ashamed of it. They now have many variants of products to bring them the sexual satisfaction they need, with or without the help of their partner. Find out what you should know about sex toys if you’re thinking about buying one:

How you choose your vibrator

The first step is to decide what kind of stimulation you are looking for – you want clitoral stimulation for G or both for anal stimulation and so on far away. Once you have decided what stimulation you want, you have a choice of options to choose from – with different levels of vibration, which also rotate, which can be used under water. It is important not to rush into choosing the desired product.

For this you can do research on the Internet, and when you find some products you like, you should go to sex shops and see how they actually feel. You can put vibrations on your ear lobe or on your nose to figure out if you like how it moves.

What kind of product you should avoid

When you use sex toys you have to know yourself well enough: know your limits and trust your intuition, experts say. The products you should avoid are those that make you feel uncomfortable, emotionally or physically. In addition, if you are in a couple relationships, both you and your partner have to be comfortable with the presence of sex toys among you.

How to clean the sex toys

It is very important to know how to clean the vibrator, both before and after each use. You have to use a cleaning product specially made for your vibrator, depending on the materials it is made of. When you clean it, remove bacteria that can affect your vaginal flora. You also have to keep the toy in a special, disinfected bag.

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