Expert Tips in Using Anal Plugs and Accessories

Here you will find information on the topic of anal chains and the lust around the anus. What is butt plug spinner? With different functionalities and uses Anal toys are a pleasurable supplement in lovemaking – Get the anal fun.

Anal chains in different shapes and lengths

The anal chain is available in different lengths and shapes, for men and for women. The chain can be equipped with balls, oval bodies and other geometric shapes. The size of the individual elements is the same size or variable in size. One of the most well-known anal chains in bedrooms is the anal chain Flexi Felix.

Here you can see a variant of Flexi Felix in pink or pink. Alternatively, you get this anal chain in black, the material is silicone. The eyes serve as a grip to the lout again from the Popo to be able to pull.

Use of anal chains and anal toys

The application of the anal chains is called the anus or anus. Here, the analgesics are carefully introduced and should lead to an additional stimulation during lovemaking. Important in the application is the careful introduction, possibly with the joint use of lubricants. The skin is very sensitive in the anal area and should be prepared slowly for such use. Depending on the size of the chain body, the first use of the chains can take some patience. The anus usually does not keep the chain right the first time in it. In order to do this without incident, you stretch the sphincter first.

Before stretching and massaging the anus

Before getting the anal chain or anal toy into the anus, it can be helpful to stretch, massage and prepare it with your finger. For this one can stimulate and prepare the partner with circular movements around and at the anus. With the finger you have a lot of feeling for his approach, an anal dildo you should not use directly. With the slow forehand and the use of lubricants you can avoid pain during anal sex. In general, if it makes you hurt, you should omit the anal intercourse.

Anal sex is a matter of trust

Not everyone has anal sex and wants to have this that has him, who trusts his partner fully. Anal sex is often a matter of familiarity. Persuading and putting pressure brings nothing. Only when the partner can completely relax and let go, the anal sex makes it fun. The anal chain can certainly serve as a preparation for later anal sex.

How does an anal chain actually work?

The anal chain stimulates the sphincter by slowly pulling it out of the anus. This is wavy while open and closed. Between the elements, the chain is thin again, so the sphincter can contract and relax again. It is when pulling out so a constant change between open and closed. It is simply a tingling erotic in which it once again depends on the length. Things you should consider before and during anal sex:

  • Take your time with the use of anal chains and anal toys
  • Use lubes when using Anal toys
  • Take a break if it is unpleasant
  • Do not be pushed or persuaded

Who takes these tips for anal sex and the use of an anal chain into account, can have a lot of fun with it.

Difference from the anal chain to anal plug

In addition to the anal chains, there are also the so-called anal plugs. In these toys, the function and application differs in a decided thing. Plugs usually have only one body and not many small ones. The typical shape of an anal plug is conical and then goes back very thin again very quickly. The cone shape is to facilitate the introduction and offers the opportunity to slowly sit on the sex toys on it. This has a decisive advantage. If the large body of the anal plug is inserted into the anus, then the natural contraction of the sphincter would carry it out again. Due to the reduced diameter at the end, the anus can wrap around the plug and almost hold on to it. In an anal chain, this happens in the interstices of the balls or elements.

Material of analgesics

Anal chain consists mostly of materials such as latex, silicone or rubber. Important is the flexibility of the anal chain, at a length of more than 20 to 30 cm we get a rigid death difficult to put into the butt. The plugs, however, are usually made of harder materials and can also be made of special glass. Here, the stability is particularly important, especially if the user sits down on the plug to make it disappear under him. The material therefore plays a significant role in the application. Normally, however, all over-the-counter anal toys are tested and do not pose any danger under normal and prescribed use.

Colored anal toys and anal sex

In terms of color, everything is represented; this can be black, red, pink, pink or even blue. It always depends on whether you want to use the sex toys eg for certain fetish directions or just for yourself at home in the bedroom. Of course the anal plugs as well as the anal chain can be used by the man as well as by the woman. In addition to the plugs and the anal chains, you can also introduce other things like dildos or anal vibrator anal and use for anal sex. However, it should always be paid to the safety of anal sex, only in this way you can have fun in the long run.

Why the topic of anal is often taboo

In many bedrooms, the topic of anal sex and anal sex is not on the table. The disgust is just too big to actively involve the Popo in sex. It’s the fear of contaminating the things you put in your butt. What many do not know, anatomically speaking, are at the end of the intestine actually no excrement until we feel an urge to go to the bathroom. The rectum then fills with excretory secretion only when we “have to”. Before, “at the end” is not much to see. In professional areas, such as during video shooting, before a flushing of the rectum is made, then you are on the very safe side. It is recommended not to have to use the toilet before anal intercourse ?? who wants to be completely sure He undergoes a small enema and makes an intestinal flush. A condom should always be used initially. With a condom you protect yourself from infectious diseases, not only during anal intercourse.

What makes the appeal of anal intercourse

As a proverb says so beautiful, forbidden fruits taste better and so is the fantasy of anal intercourse for some reason to run really hot. The area around the anus is full of nerves and can be a damn strong erogenous zone when used properly. Stimulation of the prostate is one of the main reasons for the use of anal dildos, anal toys and anal fun for many men. Many women just like the double penetration in both openings. What could be nicer than feeling your own friend in you and having a pleasure donor in your butt?

First experience with anal sex and anal toys collect

If you have never experienced the subject yet are curious, you should try it for yourself. We are happy to recommend for the beginning of products that you should have with his first anal experiences and should use.

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