Exploring Butt Plug Options: Know What is Best to Use

In any sex shop on sale there is such an accessory as a butt plug. It is used to stimulate the anus both in intimate and other times. These sex toys come in different types and designs but they have one thing in common, their purpose. Butt plugs improve sex relationship. There are a large number of variants of this sex object with different features that are important to consider when choosing a device.

What is anal plug for?

The bushing for the anus is a small product with a wide base. This sex toy can be used by both women and men. You should find out why you need a butt plug:

Often use this device to prepare for full anal sex. This allows you to minimize the discomfort during contact. It is recommended to insert it in the beginning of the prelude.

With the help of cork, you can create a double penetration effect. Additional stimulation will enhance sensations, and for both partners. It is best to use elongated devices that mimic the penis, or drop-shaped toys.

Men are recommended some plugs to stimulate the prostate, which will not only give new sensations, but also serve as an excellent prevention of diseases. It is recommended to choose stimulators of anatomic curved shape. There are special plugs for wearing and stimulating the prostate.

Butt plugs with different additions can diversify intimate life. An example is a product with a tail.

Types of anal plugs

The range of such products is very wide, so they differ in size, material and the presence of additional elements. Corks can have different stiffness, for example, for periodic use, you can choose the most solid models, and flexible options are suitable for daily use. To understand which anal plug is better, let’s pay attention to the existing forms of this device:


The most common option, suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Cone butt plug has the most comfortable introduction.

Types of anal plugs

Ball. It is more difficult to insert such a device, in comparison with the first version, so this form is not suitable for beginners.

Which butt is better?

Here we mean plugs with a curved shape or with a ribbed surface. It helps to diversify products and provide more effective stimulation of the prostate or points G.

Butt plug with a stone

 In order for the cork to fulfill its functions, giving a positive feeling, it is recommended to choose your own desires and experience.

Beginners better to focus on the classic and smooth models of small size. Good products from latex, silicone and gel.

Experienced can choose medium size plugs that are made of metal or glass. Allowed models with a ribbed surface for a variety of sensations.

Advanced users of anal sex fit large products of different forms. Inflatable plugs will be comfortable.

To simulate double penetration and narrow the vagina, you can choose a phallic stimulator. If you are really interested about the advantages of metal butt plugs then also you will need to be ready for the answers.

Men, choosing a massager for the prostate, note that the product must have a special bend and shape that will provide comfortable long wearing.

Butt plug can have a suction cup at the base, which is convenient for women who want to use such devices on their own. The device is fixed on any surface, which is convenient for anal masturbation.

Universal are vibrating stimulants that can be used by representatives of both sexes with different degrees of preparation.

Silicone butt plug

Products from this material are most popular because it is delicate, velvety and hypoallergenic. It does not cause irritation, gives a pleasant feeling and just take care of such devices. Silicone butt plug for men and women in most cases is not made entirely of this material, but is only covered from above. Note that not all lubricants are suitable for products of this group.

Glass butt plug

In sex shops, you can purchase different versions of products made of borosilicate glass, which does not beat, but it is better not to throw the device anywhere on purpose. Such a butt plug for wearing has a long service life, unlike other options, and it can be used for decades for proper storage. Another advantage of this material is that it is not necessary to select a special lubricant, since any tool is suitable, because the material does not interact with them.

Butt plug with hole

One of the varieties of anal plugs – the tunnel. Do this has a hole that completely permeates the entire toy, which gives a chance not only to stretch the anus, but also insert another device through it, for example, an anal stimulator or use your fingers to play. BDSM lovers choose sex with the anal plug with a tunnel, because the products make it possible to “punish” the partner in an unusual way. The use of such devices is recommended only for experienced experimenters.

Butt plug with vibration

To increase stimulation, you can select the tube with vibration. Such intimate toys have a vibrator inside, working from batteries or a battery. Such a butt plug in a girl or a guy will give a new and thrill. It can be used both in static and dynamic state. Different models can be equipped with a remote or stand-alone remote control. Note that the butt plug can have different speeds, which allows you to get new sensations.

Butt plug with tail

Among the existing range you can find anal plugs that have a decorative ornament, for example, a horse, rabbit, fox and so on. In addition, noteworthy butt plug with a stone, which may be of different colors. The product serves its main purpose; just from the other end it has a decoration. Butt plug with a tail can serve as a variety of role-playing games such as cat, fox and wolf tails for everyone who is more into BDSM role plays.

Inflatable butt plug

In order not to buy several products of different sizes, you can pay attention to the inflatable options, which have a special device, through which you can adjust the diameter and size of the sleeve. With this, you can gradually move to different levels of fullness of the anus. Such a butt plug makes sensations more enjoyable, since resizing reduces stress, making the insertion process softer and more comfortable at any stage of preparation.

Pants with butt plug

In the sex shops you can buy panties with a built-in anal expander. Different materials can be used for them, for example, cotton options are suitable for everyday wear, but there are also lace patterns. When“unusual” underwear is worn, the butt plug in the bottom remains invisible and does not hold down movements. This is a great accessory for those who want to diversify their daily lives. For role-playing games, you can choose leather pants with an anal plug.

How to choose butt plug?

There are a few tips to consider when choosing a toy like this:

Be sure to check the surface of the anal plug so that there are no rough edges or seams, as this can cause discomfort and even injury.

Buy a cork with a suitable lubricant, which is better to check with the seller immediately, because there are substances that can ruin the product after the first use.

The first butt plug should be of high quality so as not to spoil the impressions and not to discourage all desire to experiment, therefore it is recommended to choose products of well-known manufacturers.

It is important to ensure safety, so before buying, check that the cork has a wide base compared to the body of the toy, since it must remain outside the body, ensuring easy removal.

It is necessary to consider where it is planned to wear the anal plug, if a person wants to use it outside the bed, under clothes, and then you should choose special models designed for long wearing, since the usual options may fall at the most inopportune moment.

Sizes of anal plugs

An important parameter to which you need to pay attention, because sensations depend on it. Beginners are recommended the smallest devices, whose diameter varies between 1.5-2 cm in the widest part, and their length should be no more than 6 cm. With this product you can get used to new sensations, and then use traffic jams wider. A large anal plug can be up to 5 cm in diameter, or even more. It is important to increase the size gradually, allowing the body to get used to.

How to use anal plug?

There are certain recommendations that must be followed so that the first use of such a toy does not cause discomfort and there are no other negative consequences.

First you need to start with intimate hygiene, which may include an enema or anal shower. It is recommended to process and sanitize the device itself.

Lubricate the plug with abundant lubricant using water based or silicone based products. Select a lubricant depending on the material of the product.

If you do not know how to insert the anal plug, you must first relax as much as possible. For this purpose, use erotic massage, oral sex or vaginal sex. It is better to insert the product for the first time in order to control the process.

It is not necessary to immediately introduce a large device, so start with the minimum diameter, and then experiment. Statistics show that the muscles of the anus relax for 10-15 minutes, after which the discomfort disappears.

How long can you walk with anal plug?

If the toy is used not only in bed, but also for wearing, then it is important to know and take into account how long it can be in the anus. If you use rubber products, then you should not wear them for more than three hours, but plastic – two times less. The longest game with the anal plug can continue if it is made of silicone, so the allowed time is six hours. Metal products can be used all day, but it is recommended to take a break for half an hour only every half hour.

Butt plug do it yourself

If you do not want to spend money, then you can make an analog anal plug with your own hands. To do this, you must have a pear from a tonometer and a quality condom. If you do not know how to make an anal plug, then everything is very simple: the tube is inserted into the condom and fixed with threads in several layers. After that you will need to put a condom in the anus and start pumping air. Such a butt plug can take the form of a space where it is located, is elastic and safe.

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