Going Down and Giving the Best Head

Foreplay is a very important part of sex. It’s the time when partners show passion and create excitement using various techniques to spice up the main dish. Blowjobs are amongst the most popular techniques of foreplay. But, there are many other mouth play techniques used to drive your partner nuts. If you decide to go down on your partner, here are a few tips and tricks to giving the best blowjob.

Begin With Having Your Clothes On

Foreplay is something that can start even before removing your clothes. There’s absolutely no point in rushing things, especially when it comes to giving the best blowjob to your partner. Kissing, rubbing against each other, and just creating an erotic atmosphere will greatly improve the overall experience for both parties. 


Engaging in foreplay before foreplay is a great way to give a hint to your partner that you’ll do something amazing. Building sexual tension is a way to make your partner burning with desire, making even short-lasting blowjobs feel unforgettable.


When you create sexual tension and start slowly, the chances of having a much more intense sensation are inevitable. Although most people jump right to action, try to go slow and gradually make your way to his intimate parts. You’ll have complete control of the situation, and giving hints on what you’re about to do will create a bigger desire in your partner.


By touching the right places, your partner will be fully aroused and ready for an unforgettable experience. Especially if you follow our tips!

Check Out the Frenulum

There’s a specific part of the penis that’s often ignored during mouth play — the frenulum. It’s the small string of skin between the head and the shaft of the penis. Although it doesn’t seem like a part of the penis that is more sensitive than any other part, it’s actually the most sensitive area that can transform the way one experiences blowjobs.


Giving the best blowjob doesn’t mean you should focus only on one part of the penis or that you should always do the same things. Blowjobs include a variety of mouth play techniques as well as handjob techniques. Paying just a bit more attention to the frenulum can significantly improve the experience of the receiver and give you more control as well.


When you start fiddling around the frenulum, make sure you try out different things because different men like different things. Some will like you to be more gentle with this part. So, sliding your tongue gently across it will cause more effect than anything else. Those who like it a bit more rough might enjoy you sliding your fingers across it or even giving it a little bite. By experimenting, you’ll learn exactly what your partner likes, and before you know it, you’ll be giving the best blowjobs!

Remember: Blow Jobs Are for Your Own Pleasure Too

There’s a common misconception that only men enjoy blowjobs. When it comes to giving the best blowjob, both parties must enjoy it. Otherwise, it will look and feel like it’s forced. If you expect your partner to fully enjoy the pleasure you’re giving him, he must see and feel that you’re enjoying it too.

Even if you don’t like the feeling of having a dick in your mouth, there are many ways you can enjoy the experience as well. Position 69 first comes to mind. While you’re giving him the wildest mouth play he’s ever experienced, he’ll also be playing with your pussy with his tongue, his fingers, or both.

Just thinking about how aroused you’re making him and how much he enjoys while you wrap your tongue around his cock should be an aphrodisiac. When you look at giving blowjobs as something that only makes your partner enjoy himself, it doesn’t sound very fun. But when you look at it differently, you’ll realize just how much there is to enjoy, even if you’re the one giving the blowjob.


The next time you start thinking about mouth play and how it makes you feel, just think about all the things you’ll get to enjoy.

You All Have the Time in the World

One of the biggest problems about blowjobs is that people try to rush them. Foreplay is meant to last as long as you and your partner enjoy it. There’s no need to cut it short. Even moving too fast can reduce the pleasure you and your partner experience during blowjobs. So, to increase the pleasure, make the blowjobs last longer just by slowing down.


By doing that, you’ll have more time to experiment and explore what makes your partner feel good, but you as well. There’s nothing sexier and more arousing than seductive mouth play making a great introduction to mind-blowing sex.


Foreplay and blowjobs aren’t meant only for getting your partner ready for sex. They’re meant to create a stronger bond, relax you, and enjoy steamy moments together. Unfortunately, the adult entertainment industry is usually showing a much more aggressive approach to giving blowjobs, which alters expectations to inexperienced couples. In porn, blowjobs are often fast, and there’s no passion at all. Men are the ones who expect that kind of experience when getting head, sure. But, things sometimes need to move a lot slower and with more passion.


When it comes to giving the best blowjob, you’ll need to take time and slowly play with your partner’s cock, lubing it slowly and creating sexual tension that will lead to incredible sex!

Go for Natural Lube

Even if you’re completely inexperienced at blowjobs, you certainly know that giving blowjobs includes more than just putting a dick into your mouth and bobbing your head up and down. Using hands significantly improves blowjobs. And that requires good lubrication.


Letting extra saliva drip down the dick provides enough lubrication to rest for a bit while you continue satisfying your partner with only your hands. Some men even like “sloppy” blowjobs with much saliva as possible. This is also a great way to lube up before you start having sex with your partner.


For giving the best blowjob to your partner, you’ll need to use all the tips and tricks you know. Combine mouth play with your hands, licking the frenulum, and even playing with his balls. Using extra saliva and letting it lube the entire area is as arousing as it gets. It will make your partner want to scream with pleasure. The sex will also be much hotter because everything will be lubed up perfectly.

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