Guide to Better Use of Anal Tools

Best anal beads- one of the most popular sex toys, which is used by both women and men. You read it right, anal beads are also used by men. Just like chastity devices are also used by women. If you’re wondering what these chastity devices do, you can learn more about how cock cages and the alpha male by reading this article.  They need to enter into the anus, which in many people is an erogenous zone. In this article, the women’s online magazine will tell you what anal balls are for.

Anal balls are very similar to the vaginal and are a silicone or fabric cord with several beads or balls. Anal balls are usually smaller in size than the vaginal, but there are much more of them on the chain, some variations are very similar to large beads. The purpose of anal balls is getting pleasure from stimulation of the anus.

Varieties of anal beads very much: they differ is size, the number of beads, shape and material. They are made of plastic, latex, glass, gel, polyvinyl chloride, metal. The shape of the balls is round, elongated, smooth and ribbed. There are also options with a displaced center of gravity and with heavy beads inside which create a feeling of vibration. When choosing anal balls, you need to take into account your preferences and features: some like the feeling of the ribbed surface of the balls more, others like the cool touch of a metal sex toy. For beginners in this matter, it is recommended to choose small balls from lightweight materials without additional functions.

Anal balls have several uses. One of the options is foreplay before anal sex. You can use them as a subject for enhancing the sensation of partner and a means for masturbation.

Vaginal balls: application

Bought anal balls should be thoroughly washed in hot water with soap and treated with antiseptic. Afterwards they will need to be washed after each use and before the next one. Do not enter the balls into the anus in the presence of diseases of the rectum and hemorrhoids. Use balls for anal sex need only with lubricant; otherwise you can damage the anus.

This requires a prelude: for example, asks your partner to give you a massage. Balls should be introduced gradually, one by one. The recommended posture is on the back, with legs bent and wide apart. Remove the balls as slowly.

Anal balls are a series of small round beads that are evenly spaced along the cord. Some beads are the same in size, while others gradually increase in diameter. They can be all colors and sizes, so that everyone can choose a toy to their liking. There are even anal balls with a built-in vibrator, which will further excite you from the inside.

Anal balls – how do they work?

Anal balls – how do they work? Since each bead is spaced apart from one another, the muscles of the anus contract and relax around each ball, which gives additional sensations. Some people like to suddenly pull anal balls at the time of orgasm.

Anal balls – how to use them?

The 3 main rules of anal sex are “communication, lubrication and relaxation.” If you are not familiar with anal games, read the following tips from our online magazine – they will help you to do everything right and get maximum pleasure.

  • Communication:. Discuss with a partner whether you will only use anal balls, or with a partner. If you decide playing together with your partner, you can exchange simple questions: how much lubricant you need, which parts of the body you need to stimulate more, are you ready to inject the next ball, do you want to pull them out?
  • Use a special lubricant for anal sex, it is denser. The anal opening is not moistened by itself, so a lot of lubrication is needed. Lubricate the anus and the balls themselves.
  • Make sure that you are quite excited. Read your favorite erotic stories or watch adult movies. Ask your partner to excite you with words, tune in to the sexual wave.
  • Gently caress the anus. Lightly press or massage the anal area to prepare for the introduction of the anal balls.
  • Do not rush to insert the first ball. Stop for a moment and allow your body to adjust to the sensations it receives. Insert the ball slowly, slowly, allowing yourself to fully enjoy these unforgettable feelings. Stop to add lubricants if you feel the ball are coming in heavily. Do not rush and hurry to enter all the balls at once.
  • Take a break. Even if you are in seventh heaven with pleasure when using anal balls, do not forget that normalizing the breathing you’re having is important. Deep breathing is an essential part of enjoying sex, especially anal. Deep breathing helps relax your muscles even more.
  • Increase your pleasure. Combine playing with anal balls and other types of stimulation and arousal. Use small vibrators to stimulate the clitoris, nipples, penis, testicles, or perineum.

To remove the anal balls pull them straight, do not tilt to the sides so as not to damage the anus. With all your strength, resist the urge to pull them out sharply, respect your body and pull the balls gently and gently. If you’re curious, buy one now at

What are vaginal balls for?

Vaginal balls are a special device, which, strictly speaking, consists of two balls of the most diverse material, interconnected by a string. Vaginal balls are made from plastic, plastic, rubber, metal and other materials that are safe for the human body.

Vaginal balls perform two functions:

  • They stimulate the female vagina, which leads to sexual pleasure and, as a result, orgasm.
  • Thanks to this device, you can try training the muscles of your vagina and make them more elastic and resilient.

Vaginal balls are especially popular with women after giving birth to a child, as well as with all those whose vaginal muscles have lost their elasticity.

How to use vaginal balls

In fact, the use of vaginal balls is nothing complicated. You insert balls into the vagina just as you insert a tampon. Then, when the balls are inside, you can do whatever your heart desires: watch TV, go to the store or go jogging, work at the computer or cook to eat. Your main task is to tighten the muscles of the vagina in such a way as to keep the balls inside, in other words, so that they do not fall out.

Naturally, the first time you may not succeed, as the balls will constantly strive to fall out, because your muscles have not been developed yet, but thanks to constant training, you can easily master such exercises. It is recommended to walk with vaginal balls (note, neither sit nor lie, walk) about 4-5 hours a day.

If you are just starting to practice these exercises, it is best to use plastic or plastic balls, as well as large as possible, with such balls it will be easier learning new exercises. Then begin to use the balls smaller in volume until you reach the smallest and made of metal – these balls are the hardest to hold in yourself, and if you can handle it, it means your vaginal muscles have achieved the desired result.

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