How Do You Know Which Butt Plug is Best for You?

Those erotic toys that are found in adult stores today the online stores really were able to satisfy and delight all those who wish to bring a zest to their sexual relationship with their loved one, passion, sex. We would like to add that in such stores you can find any toys that interest you, respectively, now you can get special pleasure and pleasure from sex.

Butt plug What it is? Features and benefits

Speaking of such a toy as a butt plug, we would like to note that it is designed for various purposes, for example, it is a good preparation of the anus for sex, imitation of the effect of double penetration, moreover, a magnificent and effective prostate massage, and in some cases a toy acquire altogether, as an intimate decoration.

Before you start using such a toy, you need to understand what you want to get as a result, what effect, the size, shape of your chosen stimulator depends on it, keep this in mind. So do men have better orgasm with butt plug? The answer is yes.

For example, if you wish to acquire the anal plug in order to properly prepare the anus for sex, then know that the rear view muscles reflexively begin to contract when foreign bodies enter. As a result of this, pain and discomfort appear, which one wants to get rid of. Remember, to do this, it is necessary for some time to insert a plug into the anus. You can click here for more products to choose from.

Double penetration, as a rule, is preferred by many girls, but most of them are not ready for this. In this case, the ideal solution would be exactly a droplet-shaped anal plug, which you can use. This toy is famous for the fact that it performs the narrowing of the vagina at the site of the accumulation of nerve endings, moreover, it is also an intimate decoration.

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Caution: Always remember that the issue of hygiene plays a crucial role here, so the first step through which you have to go is hygienic cleaning of the anus. To do this, you can use a regular enema, you can buy it at any pharmacy.

After applying the lubricant, you can begin to inject the stimulant inwards; if the cork is large, then it is desirable to use a smaller stimulant in advance.

Product groups:

Anal tails

The advantages of using anal plugs are clear to anyone who has ever tried this wonderful sex toy in practice. First, the butt plug aids to prepare the anus for penetration of the penis or strap-on. Cork helps to relax muscles before anal sex and minimizes bodily and psychological uneasiness of diffusion. Secondly, anal plugs pleasantly rouse the nerve finishes at the entrance to the anus, that acts very excitingly. Male anal plug helps massage the prostate, women discover new sensitive areas of their bodies.

There are also differences in size, color and material of the anal plug itself. Most often for anal plugs with a fox-tail, latex, silicone, glass or metal are used. There are models of tails with a cork made of natural wood, with a carefully polished and varnished surface. But such products are less popular than metal, glass and latex anal plugs, as they are less convenient to maintain.

The advantages of using anal plugs fox tail

As already mentioned, butt plug with a tail is an excellent visual component of an erotic image. But it’s not at all necessary to be a pet-play or pony-play fan to try this exciting accessory in action. Playful mood will be quickly transferred to the partner, and he will easily join the game.

Appearing beloved in all its glory, you can continue the prelude with an original erotic massage. Sit back and “walk” with the tassel of the tail on the sensitive areas of the partner, you can take something else in your hands, control the movement of the tail with the movement of the hips. No man will not remain indifferent to such a massage in combination with an intriguing view from behind.

  • The butt plug of the fox tail is also more than justified directly during sex. There is a mass of poses in which the tail will quiver tremblingly or shamelessly sway, in time with your movements. In addition, it is an additional anal stimulation, which enhances sensation and orgasm. The anus filled with cork makes the vagina narrower, which naturally seals the contact with the member and allows you to feel each other even more.
  • And when you want to go to anal sex, the muscles of the anus will already be perfectly relaxed and fully prepared to take the member into their tight arms.
  • Men can also try on the image of a predatory beast. Moreover, they will bring anal plugs no less pleasure. Stimulation of the prostate for many has already become an integral part of intimate life, so why not give it a special entourage with anal plug with a tail? The list of role-playing games here is also not limited. A man can become an insidious wolf, waiting for a red hat, a lustful domestic cat or a lion – the king of animals and sex.
  • In the assortment of our sex shop, you can buy a fox butt plug and also a plug with the tails of other animals to make your sex games as varied and exciting as possible. Do not forget that all butt plugs imply the mandatory use of special lubricants for anal sex .
  • In addition to inflatable butt plugs, manufacturers of toys for adults produce a lot of different products, which has the ability to swap. For example, inflatable anal and vaginal beads.
  • On a rubber hose, simple small balls are fixed, which, after insertion, can be inflated to very impressive sizes. Even pumped dildos are released, increasing from the usual five to six centimeters to as much as ten. Particularly thrills are achieved due to the fact that, firstly, the inflation occurs inside the vagina, when the dildo is already inserted, and secondly, it also vibrates.

Proper and careful use of swapping sex accessories ensures pleasant sensations, and most importantly, allows you to overcome the fear and discomfort before anal sex. And this means that another facet of sex will open up, another kind of satisfaction.

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