Make Me Cum

hey what’s going on man in just a second
you’re about to learn an amazing
technique that is going to please a
woman in the bedroom now before we get
into that it’s very important you know
that whenever you get physical with a
woman whenever you get sexual or
intimate with a woman that you need to
get consent and consent means that she
is okay with you guys moving forward she
says yes to you guys moving forward and
if she says anything other than that
then it is not consent so it’s very
important because you want to be caring
you want to be respectful and you don’t
want to make any woman feel
uncomfortable and of course when you do
this you’re gonna look like a stand-up
gentleman that you probably and
hopefully already are so make sure
you’re getting consent before getting
physical with the woman that you’re with
and then you can be able to do amazing
techniques and amazing moves to turn her
on the bedroom that you’re gonna learn
about right now check it out hey Tripp
Kramer here from sitting
next to the beautiful Sienna Sinclair
from naughty coaching comm and she is a
sex and dating coach young people with
sex with dating and with confidence so
today we’re gonna be going over a great
oral sex move that she has and she’s me
teaching you how to do that little
step-by-step technique and also how to
get the best version of being able to
pleasure the woman in the bedroom when
you are going down on her and now I know
I’ve been putting out a lot of videos
recently about sex but hopefully you’re
at the point now where you’ve been
getting a lot of dates and you’re
beginning girls in the bedroom and of
course please little girl the bedroom is
very important not only for her but for
you too so anyway Sienna thank you for
being here thanks for having me
yes I’m so excited so let’s get into it
let’s start off with with going down on
the grill how do you do this what’s the
whole deal here okay so my my tips are
very simple you read all the books you
want to about sex positions but it
really comes down to a few simple tips
so my number one tip is a lot of women
are unique and things that you’ve done
on past girlfriends so that you’ve seen
in porn aren’t always gonna work on
everybody so I know that my own
experience when a guy goes down on me I
can tell that he’s not listening to my
body and I can tell that he’s doing
things that teases lacks girlfriend or
mistake all the girls love this move
well that’s not true but maybe five did
or ten did but I don’t
the best way to do is to just listen to
a girl’s body how do you do that listen
for moans listen for movement I always
say the girls screaming too loud she’s
not really that into it oh yeah so
that’s not real that’s not real but I
can tell when a girl’s really into it is
when she starts quieting down and then
her body starts when she’s closed her
body will start tensing up okay so
basically paying attention to how she’s
reacting when you’re in the moment or
and knowing that just because you may
have pleased a woman one way in the past
doesn’t necessarily correlate to the new
woman that you’re with yeah because if
you’re going in your mind and you’re
down there and you’re doing a checklist
of I’ve got to do this I gotta do that
and you’re not paying attention to her
then you’re missing the whole point of
how to please that woman because even if
that’s a one-night stand and you’re
never going to see this girl again why
not be the best lover so she remembers
you and you know really get into it
learn what she wants improvisation yes
what you want to do next is you don’t
want to jump right into going down on a
girl it takes about 20 minutes for a
woman to
warm up and get into it it’s kind of
like foreplay there’s a lot of things
that you can do for foreplay rather than
just jumping in it’s kind of like when a
girl goes down on that guy
you hear about lockjaw her arm gets her
hand gets tired her mouth gets tired the
same thing with a guy you’re down there
for 20 minutes and it’s it’s a lot of
work it can be longer I’m not saying
this for all girls every girl is
different remember that in the beginning
but don’t be so vagina focus I know that
this is what it is about but her body is
one big orgasm and you can make it work
as a woman orgasm is so many different
ways so focus on other areas of the body
first you really get her warmed up and
you can also do this outside the bed
when you’re on a date with flirting and
touching and etc that’s really getting
the woman’s juices flowing so that when
you finally do get to the bedroom and
you guys are naked and you’re kissing
don’t go from kissing to the vagina
really tease her and warm her up I
promise you that when you’re filing it
down there she’ll be ready and ready to
explode all right so don’t just jump
right into it you want to have this sort
of pre foreplay before you actually go
down you want to warm her body up a
little bit definitely definitely cool
also there’s more to the vagina than
just the clips in the vaginal opening
there’s her labia lips
there’s the mound area I mean I know
this is a whole nother topic but look
around explore just explode like it’s a
music part all right so now is she’s all
warmed up and you’re ready to start
going down what’s the next step what is
now one of the best moves you know in
terms of turning her on when you’re
going down to the door so this is
something different not a lot of people
for this move it’s it’s called
jackhammer all I know that seems a
little strange we’re I’m talking that
guy’s here so you know how to juggle it
sounds kind of intense there’s not what
you told me earlier yeah you’re not so I
read about in the book I wish
what the book was called but it was for
women’s masturbating with themselves and
I saw this technique and I’m like oh my
gosh it smells so amazing I didn’t know
that you know our klitz are like penises
and that we can actually check them off
ourselves it was so cool so I got in the
shower and it does need to be very
comfortable this is what I did first so
I’m just telling you what I did then
I’ll go into it so I just sat down and
spread my lips and what you want to do
is if you pull back the hood of the clip
some women’s clips are already out so
it’s very easy summer hidden mine’s more
of a peekaboo so you just kind of pull
it out again it will pop out a little
lumpiness not everyone that some girls
are bigger and you just put your fingers
around the little the hood the top part
and you just take it you go like this
and you don’t want to start doing it
fast because it you know every girl’s
clothes different some women don’t
really like their klitz touch that’s why
there’s a hood that helps to cover it
because it protects it’s so sensitive
but like I said warm it up and then once
you start going you tell again go back
to number two number one that we talked
about in the beginning fill her body
she’s not really like what the heck are
you doing then maybe you don’t do it or
if you feel her getting more into it
then go more into it and jerk off a
little bit more I’m telling you it was
one of the most amazing orgasms that I
had on my own and then I taught my lover
how to do it and it was so amazing but
as you’re doing that you can also be
licking around as you’re you know once
you pull it back you only just need one
finger and you can be going in and
looking around so yeah explore all the
areas of her vagina
don’t just be penetration focus on her
vaginal hole she has a clip she has a
area which is the top part a little bump
of or the right above the clipped and
gentle amulet explore all you might not
be at the point yet where you’re taking
girls home or you’re in the relationship
and they’re having a lot of these more
heavier sexual experiences so if you
want to learn how to be able to turn a
woman on and get her attracted to you I
want you to check out my new program
called hooked and you can check that out
and get her hook calm I’m gonna put that
in the description below so you can
learn more about it basically this is a
step-by-step system that’s teaching you
how to get girls attracted to you so
then you can turn that into dates and
more sexual experiences and there’s some
really cool techniques on how to do that
and also I’m gonna put in the
description below a link to naughty
coaching comm so if you want some
naughty coaching you can contact Sienna
Sinclair thank you so you know yeah
thanks for having me
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