Tips to choose your best silicon dildos

The best silicon dildos are sold by the popular sex toy shops. You get to know them, famous English sex toys shop, also offers toys and accessories under its own brand, the purple silicone dildo 18 cm is from this range. For more details on the shop and their very advantageous return policy, I advise you to consult the following tests: Pumped up, Booty buddy and O Force.


This dildo arrives like all sex toys in a white cardboard box of modest size. The graphic charter is still neutral but nice: pink and white.

Purple silicone dildo 18 cm 1

The subtitle team must be having a good time!The front shows the dildo, the logo in the background and the famous slogan specific to each product. And for once, I think it’s reallygood”perfectly shaped for pleasure”As usual, all the text is in English, I admit that even if it is not a rocket , I would like to add different languages on their boxes.

Purple silicone dildo 18 cm 2

Once the box is open, we find the bare minimum: the dildo packed in a sealed plastic pouch and a small manual. Good and it’s been a long time that I did not moan on this point, no storage pouch!In short, let’s go to the inspection!

General aspect

So already, it is silicone, it is purple, and it is 18 cm! ?? Yes I know, luckily I’m here! I remind you besides that the silicone is your friend: non-porous, without phthalates or bisphenol A, in short, it is the friend of your body! In passing we will take the opportunity to evacuate immediately the subject of dimensions / characteristics:

  • Minimum diameter: 3 cm
  • Maximum diameter: 3.81 cm
  • Base diameter: 6.35 cm
  • Length: 17.78 cm
  • Insert able length: 15,24 cm
  • Weight: 170 g

In short, it may not look like that, but it offers dimensions already very nice, especially approaching the base in terms of diameter! So how is this silicone dildo? Well for once we will start from the base!

The base

The finish is impeccable! First interesting point to note: the base has a slot to insert a bullet vibe as the RO-80 provided with sex toys Rocks-Off (see the tests of the Bad Boy and O-Boy 7 ) or the we vibe tango. Here, point of all that, no bullet vibe is provided (we can understand it considering the tariff). Also, its flared shape acts as a sucker! Convenient! Another very good point, given its diameter and shape, it makes totally safe practice of anal! It’s not this time that you will end up in the emergency room! Finally, not if you do things right (preparation, lubricant, softness, consent, etc)!

Purple silicone dildo 18 cm 4

And last but not least, this makes this dildo totally compatible with a harness, has you the joys of pegging!The body offers a good progression in terms of diameter all on a fairly small distance! I like it! At the base we find the logo inlaid, it adds to the finish of the dildo and it’s rather classy

Purple silicone dildo 18 cm 5

The head when it has the profile of a stylized glance, for once, it’s totally personal as a detail, but I like it a lot! The edges of the glance offer a welcome over-thickness that announces good things for the future!

Purple silicone dildo 18 cm 7

Good cons, at first glance, this side is tapered a little strange and slice a lot with the classic dildos.

Purple silicone dildo 18 cm 6

The shape looks a bit “weird” at first, but we forget it quickly! Anyway, short! Place the test itself! This dildo is made of silicone, use only water-based lubricants! Those based on silicone can either damage the toy or make it porous, which is critical for hygiene. If in doubt, apply a drop of lubricant to the base of the toy to test. As usual, we lubricate generously the dildo, the anus and we go slowly!

Well, the diameter of the head is not excessive, so even a beginner can do it with a bit of patience. And that’s where we find our friend the glans! And oh my god what do I like this form! Suffice to say that the comings and goings almost inevitably involve getting it in and out so much it’s a delight!

And for the rest! What am I talking about first? The diameters that increases rapidly and comes briskly fill you or the tassel that comes knocking stack of home on the prostate? In short, from there it’s a bit messy but let me tell you that it all ends with a powerful orgasm, a massive ejaculation and a smug tester!

In the excitement of remembering these orgasms, I was going to forget to talk about the base! The suction force is not monumental, but it allows you to have fun in the horizontal! For the vertical cons … Go soft and prefer a smooth surface and possibly wet. It’s not ultra expected for.

Note that having no bullet vibe on hand, I could not test this specificity but the silicone of the dildo being quite rigid, the transmission of vibrations should be correct! Nevertheless, we are doing very well!

Like any silicone toy, maintenance is child’s play with a choice:

Hot water and soap

A mixture of water and 10% bleach

Dishwasher ride

Boil it

A sextoy cleaner

And then we dry! Do not forget the housing dedicated to bullet vibe


This dildo is available for 26.95 dollars plus shipping costs unless you order for more than 40 € of merchandise, always offers the opportunity to return the product even opened and used for a year! Frankly nice!

Note that at this time this dildo is the subject of a promotion super interesting! It is part of a wide selection of dildos where you can buy two for the price of 40 € guaranteeing free shipping! Rather not bad!

Balance sheet

Here you hold a silicone dildo, which will fill almost all appetites while being versatile: strap-on dildo, suction cup, anal, adding a bullet vibe, etc … And all for a price really affordable.Very honestly except if you need more imposing (and I understand you!), this dildo seems a very good investment for couples!

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